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The San Diego Bankruptcy Forum (“SDBF”) sponsorship packages provide a great opportunity to increase your organization’s exposure within the San Diego bankruptcy community while supporting the goals of the organization and to provide educational support and networking opportunities for members.


Application for San Diego Bankruptcy Forum Board of Directors

The San Diego Bankruptcy Forum is accepting applications for new directors for a three-year term beginning in 2024.  Please submit a resume and brief statement describing why you would like to join the board to: by November 1, 2023.  Send any questions to the same email address.

After the deadline, applications will be forwarded to current Forum members and members will have the opportunity to vote until November 30, 2023.  New directors will be announced at the annual Judges Roundtable event on December 14, 2023.

Thank you.

San Diego Bankruptcy Forum

Election Results for the New 2022 Board of Directors

The San Diego Bankruptcy Forum would like for formally congratulate and recognize our newest Board of Directors!  

3-year terms (in alphabetical order):

Christin Batt

Millie Joshi

Corina Pandeli

Shelby Poteet

Gary Rudolph

2-year terms (in alphabetical order):

Mike Bergthold

Jenny Doling

David Goodrich

USTP Notice on Emergency Rental Assistance Programs 

The widespread economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic has affected both individuals and families who have fallen behind on rent, as well as landlords who rely on rental income to meet their own expenses.  As federal and state eviction moratoria expire, millions of American households could face displacement from their homes in the coming months.  This could potentially spur an increase in bankruptcy filings.

Through funding from the Department of the Treasury’s Emergency Rental Assistance (ERA) program, there are a wide variety of state, territorial, tribal, and local government programs that have been tailored to address the special needs of communities during these difficult times.  The U.S. Trustee Program (USTP) has partnered with the Treasury Department to help raise awareness about ERA in the hopes of helping individuals to avoid bankruptcy altogether or, at a minimum, better position debtors to exit bankruptcy successfully. 

To assist in this effort and ensure that debtors are informed about relief that may be available to them, the USTP has prepared the attached Informational Notice (Notice) on ERA programs that is posted on our website.  The Notice provides an overview of ERA, along with links to learn about available options by state (and, in some cases, county), get answers to frequently asked questions, or find a HUD‑approved housing counselor, among other things.  It is available in both English and Spanish.

USTP Informational Notice on Emergency Rental Assistance Programs.pdf

USTP Informational Notice on Emergency Rental Assistance Programs (Spanish).pdf

Chapter 13 Trustee New Upload System 

Please note the Chapter 13 trustee’s are no longer using the ECF system for uploading documents.  An email went out earlier this month, but we wanted to make sure everyone knew since emails can get lost in your junk folder.  Their new system and registration links are below:

Thomas H. Billingslea

David L. Skelton

Hybrid Hearing Guidelines for Judge Taylor, Department 3

Hybrid Hearing Guidelines.pdf

Covid-19 Resources Compiled by Chief Bankruptcy Judge Margaret M. Mann and Law Clerk Shelby Poteet

COVID-19 Resources.pdf

A Message from Len Ackerman:  Joint Instructions from the San Diego Chapter 7 Trustees in the Wake of the Covid-19 Pandemic

Below are instructions on how to deal with ID verification, attendance/oath, interpreters and guideline documents for your immediate use.


Links to the Trustee Questionnaire and the Bankruptcy Information Sheet are below.  Please note that the Trustee Questionnaire has been slightly revised to add a new paragraph 2 stating “Have you reviewed the Bankruptcy Information Sheet and do you understand the information contained therein”.  As you may know, this question is required to be asked at the 341(a) meeting and normally most lawyers provide their clients this form at the 341(a) meeting.  Starting immediately, please make sure your clients have the Bankruptcy Information Sheet and the Questionnaire prior to the 341(a) meeting and PLEASE UPLOAD THE SIGNED QUESTIONNAIRE with your other edocs  (or as soon as practicable, if edocs have already been submitted).

Bankruptcy Information Sheet: 

Questionnaire:  341(a) Meeting of Creditors Questionnaire (Individual Debtors).pdf


All 341(a) meetings must be done telephonically.  The phone-in information for your meeting is located in paragraph 7 on the Amended Notice of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Case.  Please keep in mind that the dial in information can change from trustee to trustee, so always confirm with the notice.  Please also ensure that your clients have this information.  Please ensure that your clients understand that there will be multiple matters on the same telephone line and that they may have to wait until their matter is called.  Please ensure that your clients (and you) know to be on mute until the particular matter is called and to be in a quiet place when they are on the call.  Also, please make sure NEVER to put the call on hold.    


Please have your clients provide TO YOU a screen shot, or you can review by video conferencing, facetime or other like means, their photo ID and social security number (or you can still obtain a copy of their W2/1099 or other acceptable document to verify SSN). 

Then, complete the Declaration Confirming Identity and Social Security Number found below and edoc the Declaration with a copy of the photo id and SSN evidence in a separate edoc to the Trustee, within 14 days of filing the bankruptcy petition (or for cases filed prior to March 25, 2020 ONLY, no later than seven days prior to the 341(a) meeting). 



Please notify your Trustee in the edocs package, or as soon as possible, of any interpreters needed for your cases.   Your case may need to be moved to a different time slot when an interpreter can also be on the conference line.


Please take special care to ensure that all supporting documentation is uploaded within 14 days of the filing of the bankruptcy petition (or for cases filed prior to March 25, 2020 ONLY, no later than seven days prior to the 341(a) meeting).   Your cooperation with all of the above and especially with timeliness is especially appreciated during these difficult times.

This is a very difficult time for all of us. Your cooperation with the above is greatly appreciated.

Leonard J. Ackerman

Chapter 7 Trustee

Covid-19 Links & Resources



An Article by Gary Elmer, Esq. Re The Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act of 2019:

The San Diego Bankruptcy Forum is pleased to present the following article by Forum Director Gary Elmer from Ciardi Ciardi & Astin on the Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act of 2019:  

The Bankruptcy Venue Reform Act of 2019

See our member's only page for additional links and resources.  

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